ACA WSO Volunteer Day

The Honor of Your Presence…

… is requested.

Please join us as we present the Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families 

Volunteer Day, 

Sunday, November 6th 18:30 CET svensk tid

Meeting ID: 819 9035 9298
Passcode: 13579

Meet some ACA members, recalling their journeys in service at the ACA World Service Organization (WSO). 

How did they get there… What were their challenges… How has their personal recovery been nurtured? 

Learn about some of the committees of WSO. Meet some of the members. Hear about their purpose and how they accomplish their goals. And ask how you could contribute to the committee.

And find a few surprises. 

For details about the event (or to learn about those surprises as the event approaches) turn to the Volunteer Resource Committee web page at:

Please consider joining us on November 6th. And when you decide to attend, please answer these few questions. Filling out this form helps us estimate the number of attendees. Thank you!