Nytt ACA möte för hela Europa

Dear fellows,
Some of us in the European Fellowship, with support from the European Committee, plan to start a regular ACA meeting for all ACA members in Europe, of course open to members outside Europe as well.
We have had a couple of meetings where we have discussed up to this point:

-We want the meeting to be once a week. The day and time have not been decided yet, but a suggestion is Saturdays at 14 Central European Time.
-We have a proposal to have different themes every meeting, so that 1 Saturday there is one theme, the next Saturday another and then it runs monthly.
-Suggested themes are:
Speakers, Loving Parent Guidebook, service, traditions, and more.

We now want to invite everyone we can reach through our mailing list to participate in these planning meetings.
In this email, there is a link to a Doodle where you can see what suggestions for meeting times we have for the next meeting.
Those of you who register your interest, please send a short email to me, Fredrik H, stating that you have registered.
Then I have your name and email address and can send updates.
You can of course spread this email and the link as much as you can.
All ACA members are of course welcome.

Doodle link:

Respectfully submitted


Gratefully serving as the Chair European Committee 

Board of Trustee for WSO