Världspraktiskt möte 6-7 maj, kom med!

The 2023 ABC Is Coming! Please Join Us May 6-7
Dear ACA delegates and observers,
Thank you for your service to the ACA fellowship over the past year. Because of your commitment, we now have a year-round Conference that is providing invaluable guidance to the ACA World Service Organization. Your dedication is greatly appreciated.
The 2023 Annual Business Conference (ABC) will be held Saturday and Sunday, May 6 and 7, from 9 am to about 4:30 pm eastern US. Please note of the important notes and info for the delegates in this letter.
All delegates must be selected by a registered ACA group, intergroup, or region. Even if you attended the 2022 delegate meetings, please contact your group and let them know that they must appoint you or another member to represent them at this year’s ABC. First-time delegates also must be selected by a registered ACA group, intergroup, or region. 
All delegates must submit a new online registration no later than April 30. All new and returning delegates must register for the 2023 meetings at https://adultchildren.org/conference. Registrations for prior delegate meetings will not be valid.

Non-Delegates may listen to the ABC as observers and may register at any time. Information is available at https://adultchildren.org/conference

Please volunteer to serve. The Annual Business Conference and quarterly meetings belong to the delegates. All delegates and observers are invited to consider volunteering for service at the ABC, QDM or on the ABC AWC committee, which supports the ABC. We currently need volunteers at the ABC, roles include meeting timer, tech support, information assistant. Experienced volunteers are sought to serve as a Conference chair or parliamentarian. To volunteer for the ABC, please email abc@adultchildren.org, attend an ABC planning meeting and/or attend one of the training sessions listed below. 

Stay informed. You will get regular updates by email, on Slack delegate channel, and the https://adultchildren.org/conference website. 

Delegate trainings. Training sessions are available April 15 and April 29. Regardless of your time zone, you can get a preview the 2023 ABC agenda and process learn about volunteer opportunities at the 2023 ABC, and in the ACA World Service Organization, See the schedule below my signature. If you can’t attend, recordings will be posted on the website. The information for joining the training sessions will be posted on the conference website.
Thank you again for your participation. The essence of ACA service is that we all work on behalf of the ACA fellowship, as entrusted by ACA groups, intergroups, and regions. The Conference is the voice of the fellowship and guides WSO on broad policy matters. Your work is making this spiritual vision a reality.
Please join us on May 6 and 7 at the ABC. Your voice ensures our world fellowship will flourish and be sustainable. We look forward to serving you and seeing you soon on ABC and joining us in service together,
Charlie H.
Delegate Training Subcommittee chair
Edmundas V. and Marcus H.
Co-chairs of ABC/QDM committee.
Delegate Training Schedule
Introduction to ABC and WSO Volunteer Service: Saturday, April 15, 9 am and 9 pm eastern US (2 sessions)

Learn how you can help ensure a smooth Business Conference in which all delegates are heard with respect. The program will describe ABC trusted-servant positions and introduce you to year-round service opportunities in the Conference and in ACA World Service. This includes the ABC AWC Committee, which supports delegate meetings.

Annual Business Conference Preview, April 29, 9 am and 9 pm eastern US (2 sessions)

Get a preview of the upcoming ABC. What are the ballot proposals and other big issues? What will be asked of you as a delegate? How do the voting and discussion procedures work? Who are the trusted servants guiding the conference, and how might you assist? How do Election Buddy and Slack work? In addition to the training, you can meet one or more board members and delegates from across the world. You will get a personal delegate link for joining us on Zoom before the ABC.