Fysiskt ACA-konvent i Polen, 4-6 september!

Polish ACA Intergroup invites everyone to join


04-06 September 2020

Kozienice Centre for Recreation and Sport

Poland, 26 – 900 Kozienice, 30 Bohaterów Studzianek Street

The program includes:

  • meetings
  • speakers
  • workshops
  • bonfire
  • time to have fun and relax
  • integration activities
  • coffee meetings
  • a lot of serenity 🙂

The cost of participation: accommodation and board 210zł + accreditation 20zł

– accommodation: 110 PLN (55 PLN per night, one night stay possible);

– boarding: 100 zł (all meals) or 18 zł for a chosen meal;

– accreditation: 20 zł (obligatory fee: ID, printing of materials and brochures, coffee, tea, snacks, bonfire).

Kozienice – a town situated 100 km from the capital city Warsaw, in Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Kozienice County. How to get there? Frequent bus from Warsaw, 1 h 40 min journey or 100 km by car.

Booking: via form on the website dda.org.pl or by mail: zlot@dda.org.pl

Info: zlot@dda.org.pl

Aleksandra K.

Przystan, Kolobrzeg

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Polish ACA Convention Committee


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