European Committee Meeting 4 februari

Dear fellows,

(Same time and link as the ordinary Monthly meeting for European Committee) 
The meeting focus will be on ACA Translated Publications. All are invited to attend.

Time: Saturday 4th of February at 14:00 CET
Join Zoom Meeting. 
Meeting ID: 838 3437 2326
Passcode: 437668
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Topics to be discussed:

  • From North American Centric to World Centric
  • Translated Literature and Accessible publications
  • Affordable Translated and English literature in Europe
  • Global distribution – print and online
  • Shipping challenges
  • Costs for producing literature
  • International Scholarship
  • 7th Tradition

Attached here is a more extensive description of the meeting. 

Join us! ACA WSO need feedback from the Fellowship.
Fredrik H, European Committee Chair and Treasurer WSO
Sue V, Board Chair WSO and Chair Publishing Committee
Bill D, General Manager