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Förslag på nytt manuskript 7:e traditionen!

The ACA World Service Organization (WSO) Finance Committee has developed a new suggested addition to every ACA Group’s meeting script. We especially encourage online meetings to use this in your script. It includes a pause of one or two minutes for silent meditation and to allow your members time to contribute to your meeting or directly to WSO.

It’s now time for the 7th Tradition – Our group collects 7th tradition contributions to cover our operating expenses and we pass along any excess to the World Service Organization, known as WSO, and (if they exist) to our Intergroup and Region. Our WSO’s essential mission is to carry the ACA message across the world, to different people, cultures, and languages. WSO make it possible for those people who suffer in silence and isolation to find meetings and fellowship.  WSO depends on contributions to produce literature in new languages so Adult Children everywhere can have the chance to recover, as well as maintaining services to the fellowship (websites, staff, print production, etc.). We will now pause the meeting for one (or two) minutes of silent meditation to give everyone the chance to contribute using our __________.  (For in person meetings, replace the previous sentence with:  We will now pass the basket.) Newcomers are encouraged to buy literature or books and are welcome to contribute to the 7th tradition when they are ready. (Add here the information online members need in order to contribute to your Group.)

To contribute directly to WSO:

Thank you for supporting ACA and the World Service Organization! Contribute only what you can afford. All amounts, no matter the size, are important to our tradition of self-support through our own contributions and to your own recovery.

You may also find the contents of this email and the suggested 7th Tradition language at https://adultchildren.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Suggested-New-Meeting-Script-for-the-7th-Tradition.pdf

Nyheter från Europa-Kommittén

Listen to the 10 hours of recovery
We’re very delighted to let you know that the recordings from the 6th European annual convention are now available to download for free from our website, just visit https://acawsoec.org to access them. 

We’d also like to thank all of you who attended, supported and helped to make this event happen. According to our systems, throughout the day around 500 fellows from 15 countries joined it.

Carry the message of hope
There are service positions currently available at the committee and we’re looking to fill some of them by the end of this year or earlier. So, if you’d completed the ACA steps, did/are doing the service at the national level and want to further help out the ACA community, we’d like to hear from you.

For detailed information about the service positions and how to apply please contact the Chair of European Committee Fredrick on ec-chair@acawso.org.

Please join us on the monthly teleconference
on every First Saturday of the Month, 14:00 CET (central european time) on zoom. 

Meeting ID: 838 3437 2326
Passcode: 437668

Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kQHo2hHEh

For more information and additional contacts please visit: