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Zoom-workshop 5/9: Medberoende-prevention!

”Our Loving Parent & Inner Child Codependency Prevention Plan” Workshop

There are substance and behavioral disorder relapse prevention plans and suicide prevention plans . . .

Attendees of this workshop will walk away with a Codependency Prevention Plan created in collaboration with your Loving Parent & Inner Child!

This workshop embraces participants from ALL 12 Step programs who desire to heal from the effects of childhood trauma and dysfunction– those effects may include but are not limited to self-abandonment, codependence, self-comforting via substance or behavioral disorders, relationship conflict or failure, and chronic mental-physical suffering.

Attendees should bring something to type or write on. Colorful, creative art/craft supplies and post-it notes are welcome! Attendees can also bring powerful affirmations, their favorite stuffed animal, and a favorite bedtime story or lullaby. 

*** NOTE #1: The morning workshop is open to 12 Step women only. The evening workshop is open to 12 Step women AND men. Trans and non-binary 12 Steppers identifying with female experience are welcome. Women can choose to attend one or both of the workshops; the content will be similar but not identical. ***

*** NOTE #2: These workshops will be held in lieu of the speaker meetings that usually occur at these time slots due to a lack of volunteer Speakers on this date ***

Saturday, Sept 5, 2020 10am-Noon US/Pacific Time (kl. 19 – 21 svensk tid)
Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88584846491?pwd=d2FrWUZ2ZmI1Y2FDdDIzMjI3U1NpUT09
Zoom Meeting ID: 885 8484 6491
Zoom Passcode: womenspeak

Saturday, Sept 5, 2020 6-8pm US/Pacific Time (6 sept. kl. 03 – 05 svensk tid)
Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82078433444?pwd=WGFtNllpSGZRWkNhTERkc0NYUG1rdz09
Zoom Meeting ID: 820 7843 3444
Zoom Passcode: speaker

Additional Questions? 
Contact Tara K. at acawahi@gmail.com, (360) 660-0938 or Alison at phoenixakt@gmail.com.

Fysiskt ACA-konvent i Polen, 4-6 september!

Polish ACA Intergroup invites everyone to join


04-06 September 2020

Kozienice Centre for Recreation and Sport

Poland, 26 – 900 Kozienice, 30 Bohaterów Studzianek Street

The program includes:

  • meetings
  • speakers
  • workshops
  • bonfire
  • time to have fun and relax
  • integration activities
  • coffee meetings
  • a lot of serenity 🙂

The cost of participation: accommodation and board 210zł + accreditation 20zł

– accommodation: 110 PLN (55 PLN per night, one night stay possible);

– boarding: 100 zł (all meals) or 18 zł for a chosen meal;

– accreditation: 20 zł (obligatory fee: ID, printing of materials and brochures, coffee, tea, snacks, bonfire).

Kozienice – a town situated 100 km from the capital city Warsaw, in Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Kozienice County. How to get there? Frequent bus from Warsaw, 1 h 40 min journey or 100 km by car.

Booking: via form on the website dda.org.pl or by mail: zlot@dda.org.pl

Info: zlot@dda.org.pl

Aleksandra K.

Przystan, Kolobrzeg

On behalf of:

Polish ACA Convention Committee


Translation Committee

For more information and additional contacts please visit:

Workshop 29/8: ”Crafting a Proposal”

Dear Delegates! 

This year the ABC Ballot Prep Committee will be hosting a workshop on ”Crafting a Proposal”.  Proposals are due by October 31st, 2020.

Workshop Dates:
Tuesday August 18th at 8pm ET
Saturday August 29th at 1pm ET

Zoom Meeting ID:  857 7345 9393    Passcode: 90755  

Please visit the ABC Ballot Prep Committee Service Webpage for additional information.  

In Loving Service,
Cheryl F
Delegate Training Sub-Committee Chair