månadsarkiv: maj 2024

Telefonkonferens European Comittee


Dear European ACAs,
With a summer quIckly approaching, a loving reminder about an upcoming European Teleconference that is easy to remember – it will happen on the 1st of June. The agenda attached in this letter is still in flux and is a living and changing document here, so let us also check back before the Teleconference itself; one of the themes that is worth celebrating are the decisions voted for at our 2024 ACA Annual Business Conference, where delegates gathered, and some decisions will still be decided or implemented soon – like new literature and the important news about the name change (extension) of the fellowship. Let us meet and discuss them!

I have also received questions about the dissemination of info about ACA events in Europe and helping IGs / meetings with their business, but for that your help is needed as well – let us hear from each other and meet on
June 1st
13:00 London time
14:00 Central European Time
15:00 Helsinki / Baltics
(codes are in the document to avoid zoom bombing)

With love and thankfulness to you all,

Edmundas V.
Serving as EC chair


If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, please consider joining the European Committee. We are looking for more people to join us. Please email us at: ec-webservant@acawso.org


The European Committee works to unify and carry the message to the fellowships of the European countries according to our traditions and concepts. The European Committee (EC) functions as a group of trusted servants elected by its members. The officers carry out the jobs and goals set by the European Committee. The EC is a standing committee of the World Service Organization of Adult Children of Alcoholics (WSO).