månadsarkiv: oktober 2020

Välkommen på online-event för tillfrisknande 24-25/10

12 Step Recovery Summit, 
Transforming Pain to Promises

24-25 oktober, kl 20 – 02, vår tid (10am – 4pm US/PST)

This event embraces members of all 12 Step fellowships and is a sacred, healing space for all who wish to recover from childhood trauma/dysfunction.  This is not a retreat, but a gathering of passionate and determined survivors forging a new identity based on unconditional self-love.

To register, go to www.acarecoverysummit2020.comRegistration ends at Midnight US/PST on Wednesday, 10/21/2020. (kl. 10 torsdag 22 oktober, vår tid)

For Summit updates and Q&A, join our google group: groups.google.com/g/aca-recovery-space.

For more info on ACA, please goto adultchildren.org.

Sponsored by the Washington State ACA Intergroup and The Healing Consortium.


Välkommen till det 6:e Årliga Europeiska Eventet

Lördagen den 3e oktober 2020
10.00-21.00 CEST (UTC+2

Passcode: 468194

Program for the day: 

10.00–10.15 Opening meeting

10.15-11.45 Becoming your own Loving parent

12.00-13.00 Recovery in traditions and service 

14.00-15.00 Living the steps in your life

15.15-16.15 The Laundry List

16.30-17.30 Panel discussion: Sponsorship

17.45-19.15 Panel discussion: European Region

19.30-21.00 Closing meeting with open sharing


The next Monthly Call will be held in November <3

For more information and additional contacts please visit:

The European Committee works to unify and carry the message to the fellowships of the European countries according to our traditions and concepts. The European Committee (EC) functions as a group of trusted servants elected by its members. The officers carry out the jobs and goals set by the European Committee. The EC is a standing committee of the World Service Organization of Adult Children of Alcoholics (WSO).