månadsarkiv: januari 2020

Rösta kring motioner till Annual Business Conference (Servicekonferens för ACA i världen) i Florida i april.

ACA World Service received 16 Proposals in response to a Request for Proposals that was sent to all groups in August. On behalf of the Fellowship, we wish to thank the submitting groups for their efforts.

These Proposals have been evaluated by WSO (the Board and appropriate Committees) to determine whether the ideas presented have already been implemented, are currently being worked on, and an analysis by WSO with a recommendation as to whether they merit discussion at the ABC.

In preparation for your group’s Ballot discussion, we suggest you download a copy of the Proposals to distribute to your group member located at https://acawso.org/category/ballot-prep/. Other pertinent information is also available on that website.

After your group’s decisions are made by group conscience, and you are ready to submit their responses, please fill in the online survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2020_ABC_Ballot

We advise that you not start the survey unless you will have time to complete it in one sitting.

If we can be of assistance, please email the committee at bpc@adultchildren.org.

Please also note that information is available to register for the 2020 ABC as either an on-site Delegate or a remote Delegate at https://www.acaworldconvention.org/
Thank you for your participation in helping to shape the future of ACA.

The ACA WSO 2020 ABC Ballot Prep Committee