månadsarkiv: oktober 2019

ACA Unga vuxna och tonåringar subkommitté

Hi ACA fellow traveler,

ACA WSO Young Adults and Teens Subcommittee (YA&T) is starting up.
We from ACA WSO Young Adults and Teens Subcommittee are a subcommittee designed to help people help each other.
We welcome all ACA young adults, ACA teens, and their facilitators.
We would like to work with members all over the world having, starting or would like to start an ACA Teen and Young Adult meetings.

On our teleconferences and on our acawso Slack channel, members can share information and their experiences with each other.
Our work between monthly meetings is conducted on Slack in our acawso Slack channel #msc_teen_nd_yng_adlt.

Slack is designed to replace email as the primary method of communication and sharing.
Acawso Slack is essentially a huge chats room with many channels for our whole worldwide ACA fellowship.

If you would like to be invited to our acawso Slack channel #msc_teen_nd_yng_adlt,
please write us an email at youngadults.teens@adultchildren.org
so we can send you an invitation for the acawso Slack channel.

We help when possible to bridge the gap for teens as they move through school to adult/college/work life by:
Contacting schools, orphanages, junior colleges for outreach opportunities
Speaking at Mental Health Fairs and with Boards of Supervisors of school districts to provide information about ACA for young adult and teens
Writing articles for the ComLine, as well as announcements for the Traveler geared towards young ACAs.

Want to help ACA Teens and Young Adults have their own meetings?
Do you have an ACA group willing to help facilitate a teen/young adults meeting?

Please join us for the next Young Adults & Teen (YA&T) Subcommittee monthly teleconference call. It will be held on:
Wednesday, October 16, at 8 pm (20:00) Coordinated Universal Time (Abbreviated to UTC)
On our call of October the 16th we have a New York speaker hosting a Teen meeting.

If you would like to be a speaker on our teleconference please write us an email at youngadults.teens@adultchildren.org

We would like to hear from you, we welcome your support.
To join this meeting: https://zoom.us/j/192934184;
Meeting ID: 192 934 184; find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/ac3j5Blsoa

For more information about the Young Adults & Teens Subcommittee
please go to: https://acawso.org/category/young-adults or, please write us youngadults.teens@adultchildren.org especially if the teleconference time is not working for your timezone we will try to find a workable solution and will have more teleconference monthly for specific timezones.

ACA WSO Young Adults and Teens Subcommittee