månadsarkiv: juni 2016

Inbjudan att hålla i Annual Business Conference (ABC) och Annual Worlds Conference (AWC) år 2017

Join in the Game

“We cannot use old excuses… to continue sitting on the sideline of life.  To avoid helping others is to avoid helping ourselves.” BRB p. 292

An Invitation to be of Service
The ACA Fellowship is offering a unique service opportunity for the meetings in your area to Host two events – the 2017 ACA World Service Annual Business Conference (ABC) and the 2nd Annual ACA World Conference.

The 2017 ABC:
Imagine hosting Delegates from around the world as they gather in your town to continue to shape the ACA experience. The annual ABC is attended by delegates, committee chairs, and WSO Board members who conduct the official business of the ACA.  The stated purpose of this event is “to bring unity and consistency to the Adult Children of Alcoholics.” Discussions can impact the policies and financial matters that affect all of us.
If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to Host this event, please send an email to abc@adultchildren.org, subject line: ”2017 ABC Host City Inquiry”.  We will happily answer your questions and describe the process as well as send a ‘bid package’ for your Group or Intergroup to consider submitting.  The 2017 ABC will be held the 4th weekend of April.

The 2nd Annual AWC:
In conjunction with the ABC, you will also host the 2nd Annual ACA World Convention (AWC). The purpose of the convention is to present speakers, workshops, and meetings that will enhance the recovery of attendees. It is also meant to be an opportunity for our inner children to play together in fellowship.

“We see service work as giving love rather than enabling or manipulation.  We also know when to step back or ask for help. We also know that we are going to be all right no matter what happens.” BRB p. 290

“You Will Not Do This Alone”
Your Host Committee will receive extensive support.  The WSO ABC Committee will help guide the planning of the ABC and AWC. The ABC Committee is chaired by Bill D., a WSO Trustee and chair of last year’s ABC-AWC host committee and has many delegates from the last ABC on it.
Regarding funding, WSO will pay for all approved expenses associated with hosting both events, such as the cost of venue, printing programs, signage, and delegate materials, supplies and decorations, in-room beverages/snacks, and other related expenses. All aspects of financing for the event will be outlined in a budget in advance.

“Our sense of inadequacy begins to disappear when we see the value of the service we give.” BRB p. 363

Service Can Be Simple
Staging the Annual Business Conference and ACA World Convention is a unique opportunity to be of service to the Worldwide Fellowship.  What’s more, hosting this event provides the chance to unify the groups in your area while they realize an exciting vision.  We hope this challenge, this opportunity, calls to you and that we hear from you soon so we may start planning to bring the ACA world to your hometown.

Yours in Service,

The WSO Board of Trustees