månadsarkiv: januari 2024

Februari tredje Quarterly Delegate Meeting Aca

February 3rd QDM

Dear ACA Groups and Delegates,

There is still time for New Delegates and Observers to register for our upcoming Quarterly Delegate Meeting (QDM), scheduled for February from 9am to 1pm Eastern US Time.  

Registration for delegates closes January 27th.

Existing Delegates who registered for the 2023 ABC and the 2023 QDMs and plan to attend this QDM do not have to re-register.

To register as a new Delegate or Observer, go to the conference page at, www.adultchildren.org/conference.  

You will find three different registration forms.

  • One for observers – any ACA member may observe.
  • One for those who are registered from the ABC and want to change their registration.  
  • One for new Delegate registrants.

Delegates are elected representatives of WSO groups, i.e., registered meetings, InterGroups or Regions. An individual may only represent one group at the conference.

The Agenda for the Feb.3 QDM can be found at www.adultchildren.org/conference/agenda, as well as on the 2023-2024_registered_delegates WSO Slack channel. Links to documents will be embedded in the Agenda, which will be updated on the website copy as they become available. The Agenda is based on the direction of the 2023 ABC, the 2023  QDMs and your voices expressed in their follow-up Surveys.

If you are able to volunteer for a service role at the QDM, please message Edmundas V. on Slack or send an email to abc@adultchildren.org to find out more.

Thank you to each of our volunteers for making this all happen and helping us all to connect in service for ACA.

In Service,

The ABC Committee

Carmen B., Edmundas V., and Marcus H., Committee Co-Chairs