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Motioner till ACA Världskonferens, ABC 2020, senast 30 november

Each year the ACA WSO holds our Annual Business Conference (ABC) and ACA World Convention (AWC) in April. This coming year they will be held April 23-26, 2020 in Boca Raton, Florida.

If your group has an idea that may benefit ACA Worldwide, you can submit it as a proposal for potential inclusion on the agenda at the ABC.  All proposals will become part of a Ballot in January.

The specific process and timing are as follows:
If your group feels it may have a proposal to submit, your first step should be to go to this website page – https://acawso.org/category/ballot-prep/ – to find these documents:

  1. “Is it a Proposal or should it go to a Committee” – provides contact Information about WSO Committees.
  2. “Proposal Guidelines” – provides guidance about what makes a good proposal and it will also help you determine whether your idea should be submitted as a proposal, or if instead it can be submitted to a WSO Committee.
  3. “Crafting a Proposal” – provides information about how to best create a proposal.

When you’re ready to submit your proposal to be considered for the ABC agenda do the following:

After you have completed these tasks, the following happens:

  • Proposals are reviewed by the appropriate committee(s) and trusted servants and, if needed, the intent clarified with the submitting group.
  • After a WSO analysis of the proposal has been added, the proposal is added to the Ballot and sent to all registered groups by January 15, 2020.
  • Ballots must be returned to WSO no later than March 31, 2020.
  • Proposals that receive at least a 60% affirmative vote will then be placed on the agenda for consideration at the 2020 ABC.

If you have any questions about this proposal process, (or need assistance drafting a proposal) please send an email to bpc@adultchildren.org.

Yours in Service,

The 2020 Ballot Preparation Committee

ACA Europe changes & call for service – July 6th Teleconference #1

Dear European ACA fellows!

ACA Europe is going through changes and expanding, and the current European Committee is rotating out.

You will find a Call for Service attached, which was written by the Temporary Organising Committee, formed from the European Teleconference Calls, also working on an outline of transition.

We hope some of you will consider stepping up to do service that can benefit our European ACA community.

Please distribute the Call to Service widely by hardcopy, mail, and at service- and regular meetings.

Our intention is to have a transparent, inclusive, and open proces, to secure we develop an enhanced service structure to benefit us all, and have a new European Committee in place latest by April 2020 (the ABC in Florida).

We hope you join the ACA EC teleconference calls and to see you in Minsk in July.

Information at: www.acawsoec.com

Contact: eu@acawso.comeu-secretary@adultchildren.org or eu-finance@acawso.com

In loving service,

The Temporary Organizing Committee for the ACA Europe Service Structure

Majbrit (WSO rep., current ACA EC Chair), Charlie H. (WSO rep., WSO Chair), Fredrik (rep. Sweden), Marc G. H. (rep. The Netherlands and Belgium), Veronica (rep. Switzerland), and Mikkel L. (rep. Denmark)