Möte lör 29/11 kl.14 om att bilda en Europa region som bl.a. gör böcker billigare

Dear fellows,
 On the European Annual Event in October we had a discussion panel about the European Fellowships working towards creating a Region.  We talked about pros and cons about it and all invited guest couldn’t see any cons about it.

The next meeting is scheduled to Saturday the 28th of November at 14:00 CET (Central European Time) I will send out a link for a Zoom meeting for those who want to be on the call, also an agenda.
Welcome to join and ask questions and have discussions.

It would be great to see as many of you as possible.

So please send me an email to ec-chair@acawso.org if you want to be a part of this meeting. Some of you have already said yes.
And in the same week I will send out a link and an agenda to those who have announced their interest.

We will try to keep it to one hour meeting, but I have more time if that is necessary.

Kind regards Fredrik as the Chair for the  European Committeeec-chair@acawso.org

Service Konferens för ACA Sverige ONLINE 14/11

Hej och välkommen till ACA Sveriges Servicekonferens, som hålls lördagen den 14e november klockan 12.00-17.00. Vänligen logga in i tid för att vi ska kunna börja i tid. Vänligen läs igenom dagordning och bilagan till SK. Har er grupp inte fyllt i en grupprapport än så gör gärna det innan. Föregående protokoll och verksamhetsberättelser kommer att skickas ut till grupperna innan.

Här är dagordningen för SK.  

OBS! Nu med Översättningskommittéens reflektioner över motionen

Vänligen läs igenom denna bilaga och följ instruktionen gällande föranmälan av ert deltagande på SK. Föranmälan är önskvärt för att underlätta röstordning och start av konferensen men inte ett krav, en är välkommen även spontant och som deltagare eller för att söka en servicepost.

I bilagan finns också instruktioner för hur mötet kommer att gå till och svar på diverse frågor. Du kan delta via webläsare, app eller telefon.   

Anslut till Google Meet:

Teknisk support: info@aca-sverige.org

Anslut per telefon:

(SE) +46 8 505 453 72 (PIN: 284473897)

Påminnelse för grupper att fylla i grupprapporten via hemsidan.   

Föregående SK-protokoll från våren 2020.

Se även länkar till ServiceGruppens riktlinjer och stadgar.   

Vi vill gärna belysa att en post, av fler blivande vakanta, är extra känslig detta SK, internetansvarig och och viceposten.

Hoppas att vi ses online på lördagen den 14e november!

Service-sponsorer efterfrågas

Hej! ACA’s Europakommitté söker aktivt efter service-sponsorer. En service-sponsor är någon som:

  • erbjuder råd och stöd till ACA-grupper i Europa utifrån ACA’s traditioner och koncept.
  • agerar som medlare för landet/regionen dom svarar inför
  • guidar i översättnings-processer och i användning av copyright-material
  • går att rådfråga angående servicestruktur

Mer info på engelska följer. Se kontaktuppgifter längst ner.



  • Offers advice and support to the ACA fellowships in Europe (intergroups, groups/meetings and individuals) based on traditions and concepts of ACA
  • Acts as a mediator for the country/region they are assigned to
  • Provides guidance regarding the translation process and usage of copyright materials 
  • Consults about the service structure

Recommended qualifications:

  • 2 years in ACA
  • Did/does service in ACA intergroup or national level 
  • Works the ACA program
  • Completed the 12th Steps in ACA
  • Regularly attends the ACA meetings
  • Understands the ACA traditions well and/or is keen to know more about them

Selection process:

  • Once the interest is expressed the candidate is invited to meet the ACA European Committee to discuss their suitability
  • The ACA European Committee vouches the candidates

Additional info:

  • The purpose of the role is to guide and not impose
  • The position holder should not be part of the intergroup conscious for the country they are assigned to during their service
  • The responsibilities are shared amongst the team of Service Sponsors
  • The Service Sponsor can be assigned to assist any country/region in Europe that requires guidance

This is a much-needed service to the fast-growing European ACA community and I kindly ask you to pass on this information to as many ACA groups and fellows as possible so we can find the suitable candidates to take on this position. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the Service Sponsor position further.

Many thanks,

Service Sponsor Coordinator – ACA European Committee

Välkommen på online-event för tillfrisknande 24-25/10

12 Step Recovery Summit, 
Transforming Pain to Promises

24-25 oktober, kl 20 – 02, vår tid (10am – 4pm US/PST)

This event embraces members of all 12 Step fellowships and is a sacred, healing space for all who wish to recover from childhood trauma/dysfunction.  This is not a retreat, but a gathering of passionate and determined survivors forging a new identity based on unconditional self-love.

To register, go to www.acarecoverysummit2020.comRegistration ends at Midnight US/PST on Wednesday, 10/21/2020. (kl. 10 torsdag 22 oktober, vår tid)

For Summit updates and Q&A, join our google group: groups.google.com/g/aca-recovery-space.

For more info on ACA, please goto adultchildren.org.

Sponsored by the Washington State ACA Intergroup and The Healing Consortium.


Välkommen till det 6:e Årliga Europeiska Eventet

Lördagen den 3e oktober 2020
10.00-21.00 CEST (UTC+2

Passcode: 468194

Program for the day: 

10.00–10.15 Opening meeting

10.15-11.45 Becoming your own Loving parent

12.00-13.00 Recovery in traditions and service 

14.00-15.00 Living the steps in your life

15.15-16.15 The Laundry List

16.30-17.30 Panel discussion: Sponsorship

17.45-19.15 Panel discussion: European Region

19.30-21.00 Closing meeting with open sharing


The next Monthly Call will be held in November <3

For more information and additional contacts please visit:

The European Committee works to unify and carry the message to the fellowships of the European countries according to our traditions and concepts. The European Committee (EC) functions as a group of trusted servants elected by its members. The officers carry out the jobs and goals set by the European Committee. The EC is a standing committee of the World Service Organization of Adult Children of Alcoholics (WSO).

Internationell enkät om säkerheten på online och telefonmöten!

Dear Fellow Travelers,

We are writing as it is important to hear your concerns and what the ACA World Service Organization (WSO) can do to address virtual and online safety issues. The Ad-hoc Meeting and Service Safety Committee (MSSC) was created from a floor motion at this year’s Annual Business Conference. Our initial purpose is to address safety issues related to virtual meeting environments during the coronavirus pandemic and develop a long-term strategy and potential resources to help the ACA fellowship effectively address other chronic safety issues.

Please take a few minutes to complete the online survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SafetySurvey-Phone_Virtual .

Please note that this survey will close on October 14th so that responses may be used to formulate our first town hall. All are invited to attend on Saturday, October 31, from 12 pm – 2 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

The Zoom link for the MSSC Town Hall is:
Meeting ID: 813 5789 7158
Passcode: 336918

These are opportunities for us to hear your concerns, and to share our ongoing efforts. This information is also on our webpage, https://acawso.org/category/ad-hoc-meeting-and-service-safety-committee/

Please email us at meeting-safety@adultchildren.org with your questions and concerns.

Yours in service,
Erin D.

Chair, Ad-hoc Meeting and Service Safety Committee
WSO Board of Trustees

6th European Annual Event 3e oktober

6th European Annual Event is being held virtual
Saturday 3rd October 2020
10.00-21.00 (CET)

  • Becoming your own Loving parent
  • Recovery in traditions and service 
  • Living the steps in your life
  • Panel discussion: European Region
  • Panel discussion: Sponsorship
  • The Laundry List or similar topic
  • Closing meeting with open sharing

Times to be announced  @  www.acawsoec.com

You will find the flyer for printing out HERE

For more information and additional contacts please visit: